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Intermodal transport specialists

In intermodal transport, road transport is combined with rail and/or ship transport. For rail and ship transport, standardized transport and loading units are used, which are loaded onto the train or ship.


At the place of loading, the goods are loaded onto semi-trailers or swap bodies with rail and sea profiles, taken to the nearest rail/sea terminal and then the intermodal unit travels the longest rail/sea route. The transport unit is picked up at the arrival terminal and delivered to you or your customer travelling the last mile by road.

Intermodal transport relieves the road infrastructure and pollutes less than road transport alone.

All the advantages

  • Load capacity of up to 28 tons for loads with EU destination

  • Less pollution compared to road transport

  • Extremely low accident rate

  • High shipping flexibility thanks to experienced planners and drivers

  • GPS for route planning and monitoring

  • Delivery with customer notification

  • Timely transmission of delivery documents


  • Tautliner 45’ (dimensions: length 13.60 m, width 2.48 m, height 2.70 m) for up to 33 euro pallets and 28 tons of cargo, can be loaded from above and from the side

  • Swap bodies 45’ (dimensions: length 13.60m, width 2.48m, height 2.60m), can be loaded from above and from the side

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